Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Sure is quiet in Mason, Texas, this chilly AM.
Folks at the convenience store quietly huddled….
whispered, yet still feverish.
Almost No cars on the road.
Looks more like a Sunday, during the xmas break, than a Wednesday, in the first week of Hunting Season.
We stayed out at Mom’s(Mom-Sitting), and I honked the horn on the truck, around 11;30…
A momentary triumphalism, ere digging into the numbers.
Good day, all around, for us.
Found out the Lunatic Neighbor who’s been Prowling around Mom’s since at least 04, is being shuffled off to a home for Alzheimer’s Patients.
And, while it’s early days, yet…Dems may have their Reagan.
Tea will  Dry Up.
Obama’s Policies are vindicated.
And Marijuana, Gay Marriage, and Healthcare for All are well on their way to mainstream success.
I’ll lay around, today.
Perhaps stay sober for more than 2 1/5 months.
The Global Problems(Peak Resources,Climate Change,Peak Economics), are still there….
But there is, at least, a little bit of Hope to put under our hats.

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