Saturday, April 20, 2013


So they caught the guy.
After gun fights and bomb-fights on the streets of a major American City...after that City was on “Lock Down”...which amounts, essentially, to undeclared Martial Law....the Other Bomber is found bleeding in somebody's back yard.
Now what?
Some are calling for him to be sent to Guantanamo...saying that he's “too dangerous” to be afforded the Rights of an American Citizen(which he is).
Some are even calling for him to be as to “Extract Information”....
Shockingly, it's not just the usual suspects calling for these patently Unamerican things...
I have seen even staunch Liberals giving in to the emotion and fear...ready to pick up the Rope, or the Stone, in order to extract “Justice”.
But we're America...not East Germany...not Stalin's USSR.
We have a Justice System that was designed specifically to apprehend the Truth.
That system has been eroded, these past 12 our peril.
The Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments are just as Important as the Second.
Fiat Justicias!
Let Justice be done....but in order to do that, the Worst Among Us must be afforded All of the Rights We are Guaranteed.
We either have these Right...or we do not.
No Exceptions.
It appears to me, that the Obama Administration is attempting to walk back the abuses of the Bush Administration...while still trying to provide themselves with Political Cover, from all the Take-Him-Out-and-Shoot-Him-People.
We have a long way to go...
Everyone should Calm Down.
If this guy...obviously already convicted in the Court of Public Opinion...if he has no Rights, then None of Us do.
My broken record, during the recent Gun Debate was...Let us Defend the Rest of the bill of Rights with the same Fervor that we use to Defend the Second.
Here's your Chance, America.

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