Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Modest Proposal *

Another day, another Mass Shooting.
What is a Freedom Loving Country to do?
Many are calling for, ironically, More Guns…
If only, they wail, there had been Good Guys with Guns, to counter the Lone Bad Guy, the atrocity could  have been, at the very least, Mitigated.
Arm the Teachers! Arm the Principal! Arm the Children!
Call out the National Guard, and Deploy them in Schools, Shopping Mall Food Courts, and wherever else Precious Children gather!(Boxer,of all people)
Just Arm Everyone!
I submit that this will not be sufficient.
Drastic measures are called for…with which all Freedom loving Americans would surely agree.
I propose that we wire every Public School, indeed, every Public Place….Wire them all with Explosives.
Perhaps C-4…and wire these Patriotic Explosives with so called “Gun Shot Sensors”(mentioned on NCIS, Law and Order, et al)….so that, whenever a Gun is Fired in a Public Place by some deranged Lunatic, the whole frikkin place goes up!
Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.) has a long and proud History in the American Republic…it worked to keep us from being vaporized by the Communist Threat…it will work, similarly, to protect our Precious Children, as they…learn stuff…or hang out at the Mall.
Pass me the Rainwater and Grain Alcohol….

For a rational critique of the Insanity I sarcastically channel here, see:

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