Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cold Shower

The Potential is there…
But it’ll take Work…even/especially in places like Rural Texas, where the Left-Leaning hide in the hills.
 There are so many threads, all tangled together, at this moment…
Confusion and Shock on the Right…the Echoes of Occupy…Demographic Changes…and, yes, the Inspirational Qualities of Mr Obama….
the Ongoing Economic Malaise adds fuel to the glowing coals…take care that the various and disparate Factions of the Wounded Right don’t use any of these Opportunities against Us…
Or, for that matter, the Corps(e) Worshipping Wing of the Democratic Party.
If Folks at the Grass Roots want to see the Dems eschew Corporate Financing, with it’s attendant Strings, those Grass Roots are gonna hafta get out of their Closets…come down from the Hills…and become Visable.
Praxis, from Myriad Directions.
Stuff like this lends credence to a Focus on the Local.
Is there anyone there?

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