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Mindfuck Tree’s Fruit ,Rots on the Commons

What we're up against is no less than the destruction of Democratic Society...even the IDEA of a Democratic insidious, mostly Mindless forces.
Has America become an Authoritarian State? A Primer, of sorts, for the Shape of the World….and, I’ll warrant, one of the best articles of this quarter.
and a few Supporting Docs:
Dennis Kucinich to Faux News…what could it mean?
Is Faux growing more Centrist?
The answer is No…Dennis is too extreme for Center,….and will, instead, be the new Poster Child for All Things “Liberal”(poor Alan.)….they’ll say, in effect, “See! The Dems ARE Socialist Baby-Eaters!!!!”
The more Dennis objects, the more he will  be painted into that corner, for the further Ignorance of Faux Viewers.
This, in Microcosm, is how the world works…it is how the Machine corrals Thought into narrow, more manageable Channels.
Amy Goodman, God Love Her, is another such Tool…unknowingly, I’d bet. She represents a Blow Off Valve, of sorts…an acceptable release of Cultural Steam, so that the main Boiler doesn’t get overpressurized…like it did in the 60’s, the 20’s and around the turn of the last Century(Progressive Era).
Machine “learns”, like any Organism.
I assert that almost all of this Manipulation is entirely Unconscious….there’s No Central Decision-Making Apparatus…no proverbial Back Room. As I’ve tried to hammer home, it’s the Logic of the System, itself…Unconscious Action, driven by Instinct, alone, at either Extreme of the Scale…
.Amoeba, meet your’ Very Large Counterpart, Civilisation.

As if all of that is not enough evidence for the need for a New(secular) Monastic Order...
(ask me, lol).....
the Myth of Human Progress

All of these are pointing at...identifying...the Culprits, and the Tactics, of our growing, albeit Invisible, Oppression...
The first and last, Giroux, and Hedges, point, as well, to potential Remedies...
It is not necessary for all involved to know every nuance of the Machine...what is necessary, is for those who do understand at least a part of it, to Teach Democracy, and the Commons.....Us and opposed to the fracturing Hyperindividualism, that renders us  just so many bits of flotsam, before the oncoming wave of Corporate-Feudalism/Post-Nationalism.
We must counter almost every utterance.
(ex: them:Welfare=bad/// /Me: It matters to me if my neighbor can't heat his house...beyond hippy-dippy some point in his desperation, my cold neighbor will begin to Eye my woodpile.)
We must Reframe the  Words and Phrases we use to apprehend Reality.
This is what the Democratic Party should be doing, but isn't...another Failure on Our Part.
A Counternarrative, developed in myriad locales, and spread among the Folks.
A gargantuan task, indeed.
The consequences of doing Nothing are too Dire to contemplate.
Wherein, we find a nifty summary of the Purpose of Gooberment:

That is to say, the core purpose of government in the American tradition is the maintenance of the national commons. It exists to manage the various commons and commons-like phenomena that are inseparable from life in a civilized society, and thus has the power to impose such limits on people (and corporate pseudopeople) as will prevent their pursuit of personal advantage from leading to a tragedy of the commons in one way or another.  Restricting the capacity of banks to gamble with depositors’ money is one such limit; restricting the freedom of manufacturers to sell unsafe food is another, and so on down the list of reasonable regulations.  Beyond those necessary limits, government has no call to intervene; how people choose to live their lives, exercise their liberties, and pursue happiness is up to them, so long as it doesn’t put the survival of any part of the national commons at risk.”

And this:
” At some point in the not too distant future, the political system of the United States of America is going to tip over into explosive crisis, and at that time ideas that are simply talking points today have at least a shot at being enacted into public policy. That’s exactly what happened at the beginning of the three previous cycles of anacyclosis I traced out in a previous post in this series.  In 1776, 1860, and 1933, ideas that had been on the political fringes not that many years beforehand redefined the entire political dialogue, and in all three cases this was possible because those once-fringe ideas had been widely circulated and widely discussed, even though most of the people who circulated and discussed them never imagined that they would live to see those ideas put into practice.”

 As Dean Moriarty, in Kerouac’s On the Road, famously said, “now’s the Time…and we Know the Time…”
The time is now, to start Talking…and Thinking…and Discussing…
Even(especially) if such things have gone out of fashion, or are so encumbered by the Machine’s Mythology, that any “progress” seems Hopeless.
MSNBC, and the Democratic Party, ain’t gonna Fix any of this.
That’s up to Us.

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