Saturday, January 5, 2013

What’s wrong with Texas?

Obviously, the Folks in Charge.
Look at the Comments!
To wit:” ·  Dave
Bleeding hearts never see the bigger picture. No one gets health care when our country collapses because of surmounting debt! Welfare, Social Security and Medicare already exceed tax revenue alone. If people are really worried about their healthcare then they’ll go to school and get a better job, if not don’t steal my American dream to pay for your life’s mistakes!!!”

Social Security and Medicare are solvent…especially SS. The “issues” with Medicare could be easily fixed, but won’t be…because the Vandal Party wants to see it Fail, so they can get rid of it….Not because it’s bad, or unworkable, but because they Hate anything Public. Same tactic as always.
If ya can’t get the votes to oppose it, or to prevent it, attack it with the Implementation!
Don’t like Public Schools, but find that your Constituents do?
Make sure that the Public Schools are defunded and buried in a lot of Red Tape and Stupidity…when this has it’s predictable effect, point to it, and say, “See! Public Education Doesn’t Work!”

Mendacious Assholery!

It’s the same tactic the Thugs used on the Post Office…insert a small thing in an unrelated bill(so, hopefully, no one notices) that requires the Pension to be Funded, Up Front, for 75 years(!!)…impossible. When the Post Office is thereby Bankrupted, act like your ideology was correct, all along.
Plug this in with the Redistricting Shenanigans, the Gerrymandering, and the Voter Suppression/Intimidation, as well as the Republican’s Looming Demographic Disaster, and one thing is Clear: They can’t Win, without Cheating.

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