Monday, February 4, 2013

2014 begins now, Saddle Up


I like Bill White, and all...and the entrails may suggest that he's the one...
But, if I had my druthers, I'd like to see one of the Castro Brothers...esp Julian.
I like Wendy Davis, too.(and she's real purty)...but ,to me,Demographics say Castro, with a whole bunch of Spanish Ads, door hangers, Goat Cookoffs, whatever.
Of course, whomever it ends up being, it ain't gonna make a hill-o'-beans, if WE don't get the hell off the couch, and Register folks to Vote...and get them Involved.
That needs to begin Yesterday.
I don't know the Legal ins and outs of that...there's  been a lot of shenanigans, these past years, regarding Voting Rights(Tea sees the Moving Hand,lol), some guidance from the TexDem Mothership is in order.
Cinco De Mayo is approaching...and I'm sure we could find other excuses to have a party.(several)
I suggest Piojo Park(by Northside, that's the somewhat derogatory Local name)...DJ Pete, Edward's BBQ,a couple of Kegs of Keystone(!)...and a Full Page Ad, the Wednesday before(not a month before)...perhaps a Radio Spot...the station on the square can't be That Expensive.(I rarely listen to the radio, so I don't know what folks listen to. I'm an NPR-Guy, in the truck)
In the Statehouse, we're stuck with that Duncan Guy(!?), and Frasier in the Senate, until 2016.
But Governor? After all the Odious Bullshit Rick has done?
One of the problems with Texas Politics, is there's No must hunt for news of what the State Government is up to....prolly by design.(sigh).
Perhaps Gerry would be up for a monthly Capital Beat, or something.(...and what, exactly, does our Local Gov do all day?Ha!...School Board, City, County?)
Is anyone else aware of the egregious actions of the SBOE, these last few years? A Reanimated McCarthy,dug up and given a fresh coat of paint, replaces Thomas Jefferson in Textbooks?
There's a lot of Low Hanging Political Fruit...if only more folks knew about it.
I tire of simply Lamenting the Blood Red Quality of Texas...
It's Uphill...and fraught with Disappointment, I know...
But what else are we gonna do?
We should make the TexGOP fight for Mason County.
Make them spend money here.
Make them go door to door.
Imagine CONaway walking down Brazos Ave!
We've let them just have it, for far too long.

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