Sunday, February 10, 2013

Texas News, Political and Otherwise 2-10-2013

    Especially:” Talk is cheap; actions speak volumes about the integrity of a person and their desire to see results.”
and:” Because I am ready.
I am ready for the rhetoric to meet the road.  It is easy to preach about organizing every day of the year during a presidential campaign.  It is easy to do it when we are running phone banks and radio ads, when we are investing in the sheriff's race or when we are sending out emails asking for support.
But without the sharp urgency of defeat or victory staring us in the face, it is a challenge to motivate and mobilize.  That is our challenge, but I am ready.  That is your challenge; are you ready? “
School Funding, after the Court Ruling:
Harvey Hilderbran: (830) 257-2333
Rick Perry: (800) 252-9600

On Medicaid Expansion:
Harvey Hilderbran: (830) 257-2333
Rick Perry: (800) 252-9600

State Sen. Robt. Duncan: (806) 762-1122

Here’s the Sacramento Bee’s response to Perry’s Taxpayer Funded California Crusade:
Wouldn’t it be cool to be proud to live in Texas?

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