Monday, February 4, 2013

some links,indicating things under the rug.

This, from the odious Breitbart:"“They can bring it on,” Perry spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told Breitbart News. “We are well aware of the Ds' wishes to have more of a presence in Texas, and it's no surprise they'd want to share the credit of Texas' success story, but they will be hard-pressed to make much progress with the proven success conservative policies have had in our state. Ironically, the very reason Texas is the economic powerhouse it's been is because of conservatives' successful efforts to minimize liberal influence in our state. There's a reason why red states are faring better in this lousy national economy.”
Like I said, Low Hanging Fruit!

Although Woodfill said he doesn’t fear the challenge of “Battleground Texas,” he isn’t backing down. Woodfill’s goal over the next two year is to grow the GOP by making inroads into Democratic demographic strongholds, including the African American and Hispanic communities, which are among the identified targets of “Battleground Texas.”
Woodfill said he agrees with Gov. Perry’s statement, and that he doesn’t see a shade of purple appearing in the near future.
“He’s right, his point is and my point is, that we are ready for the fight, and we’re going to be more ready,” Woodfill said.
Gov. Perry and his supporters seem to be confident that sticking to conservative principles and policies will ensure continued dominance for Texas Republicans."

We have work to do.

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