Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Snipe Hunt

Betcha thought there was no such creature as a Liberal, in Mason, Texas.
 I assure you that we are not as rare as some would have you continue to believe… I’ll enumerate, in my particular rambling way, why I choose to emerge from the Closet, right this minute: 1` Demographics, in Texas, and in Mason, are changing.
White Folks are already a minority, outnumbered by the rather disingenuous demographic of “Non-White”…which includes everyone it sounds like it includes. The new Majority includes a whole lot of Hispanic Folks…most of whom do not Vote.
Someone must court these potential Voters. If not Liberals, then whom?!
 Be assured that Republicans and Tea People are busy attempting to thread the needle between the obvious, near future need to court this demographic…and their own policies and history of hatred, disdain and mendacity regarding the same.
A Bird Nest on the Ground, for Liberals…for Democrats…if We would only Go Forth and Pick it Up.
 Locally, many of these potential Democrats are Apolitical, at best…Unsurprising, given the Long History of both Overt and Covert Political Repression, at the state and local levels.
The Lies and Idiocy peddled by Perry and the rest of the Great Wurlitzer of Hate don’t seem to penetrate as far as we fear, and they hope. It depends on how one Frames the Question…if asked if “Obamacare “is good or bad, folks remember the Bumperstickers, and say, “Bad”…but if asked about specifics, the opposite is true.
The Electorate, and the Potential Electorate are Hungry for Information…and Starving for Someone who will Listen to Them.
 3 In Texas, we are surrounded by Fox News…and the radio is filled with Rush, Glenn and Hannity, and their imitators. To get actual Texas News, one must search it out.
 Remember, that Reality Leans Left…Ha!
 I’ll be including links throughout this effort>
 4 The Texas Democrats are so far into the Closet that they’re getting ever harder to find!....even as things are changing, and the Right has run up against the wall of their own Absurdity.
Here, in Mason, I have long Lamented the dearth of Visible Democrats…Most of the Local Members, to my knowledge, are largely older, whiter and wealthier than the potential constituency…
 They are also very Shy…rarely betraying their Existence to anyone outside of their group.
 I understand their reluctance to get out in public…the Right has been quite nasty in their Intimidation Tactics.
 The Smears and Slander occur almost Daily around town…it’s hard to stand up to, due to it’s omnipresence, and it’s belligerence.
 But I feel strongly that we must find our Stones, and Stand Up, in spite of this. To continue to meet out at the ranch, is not going to help us, long term…instead, it cedes the field to the Worst Among our fellow Americans
There is a long term perception that it’s , somehow , Impolite to challenge the Tea and other Rightwing Nonsense…that we must endeavor to not Offend anyone
I say, Bullshit! I have been Offended by the direction Our Country has taken since Lil George was Governor…and I am Offended by the rhetoric, and the Lies and Misinformation, and ProCorporate, Anti Everything Else stance that has become the Norm.
During the Bush Darkness, I watched as Democrats were chased into the closet, by cries of “Traitor!”, by very real threats of Vigilantism, and by an Overwhelming Descent into Madness, which we were…somehow…Not Allowed to Challenge.
Enough!! The Right…Tea and Republican…has destroyed Texas…Perry’s “Texas Miracle” job growth has been almost entirely at the Low Wage end of things…Public Education is Cut to the Bone…and the Cult of Corporate Ed is waiting to swoop in. This has now infected our Higher Education, as well…with Perry’s Minions attacking the Integrity of our flagship Universities, UT and A&M. Library Funding has been eviscerated…and the much needed Expansion of Medicaid, provided for under Obamacare, has been Rejected by Perry and his Ilk
I know…I’m Rambling…just like I said I would… I’m very angry…and sick and tired of not having a Voice.
Watch this Space.

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