Friday, October 19, 2012

ROTE ( Education is for Revolutionaries!)

Another front in the undeclared War on Us…another battlefield in the Mindfuck…is the War on Education.
The Powers that Be Fear the People.
They ,Rightly, Fear that We will see through their lies and misdirection….that We will get over the artificial Divides that are encouraged in Us…and that We will begin to see the Real Enemy; the Violent Parasitical Elite.
Education is one of many fronts in this ongoing War….from Early Childhood, all the way up to the highest levels of Academia.
Smart Folks are Demonised, of course…but it goes much further than that.
Once again, Orwell as a Manual, instead of a Warning.
My own experience with Education, in General…and College, in Particular…fits right in with this.
Where I expected the Salon, I got High School, with Ash Trays…until they took the Ash Trays away.
Everything was about “getting a Job”…my true interests, Philosophy, were given less than short shrift. Thought, itself, was denigrated. Conform!
When I realized that all of my Geology Professors were former Oil Men, it was, by then, unsurprising.
Of course, there were exceptions…(Dr. Bob!!-Dr. White!!!)!)

When I look around the world, today, the lack of Critical Thought stands out…this lack is no accident.(1)(2)
The VPE Fear an Educated Public…and they use a lot of crazy Rhetoric to gain support for their long-term program of ensuring the destruction of an Educated Public.
The current issue of Texas Monthly has an excellent article regarding Texas Governor Rick Perry’s stealth campaign against our Flagship Universities, A&M, and UT.
Worth a read, if you want to understand.
In Primary and Secondary School, as well, the Corporatisation, and ultimate Destruction , of Education is well underway.
None of this is done Above Board…it is all conducted in the shadows, using Euphemism, Disinformation and  Outright Lies…and playing skillfully upon the Fears and Prejudices of the “Low Information Voter”(Tea)
How many times have we heard that Academia is a “Hotbed of Liberal Indoctrination”?(Horowitz)
This translates into,” it’s too hard to maintain our Power and Privilege with Thinking People in the Majority”.
There are many Fronts in this War…but this is one of the most important.
Jefferson’s Informed Citizen is anathema to those who would rule us.

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