Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bird’s Nest on the Ground the Forgotten(potential) Voter

There are big changes ahead, in Texas, regarding Demographic Trends, in the near future.
These changes potentially translate into Big Problems for Texas Republicans…but only if Texas Dems get out of the Closet.
The same Latino/Hispanic Folks who the Republicans, and especially the Tea People, have been so busy alienating and Hating On, are on the way to becoming the Majority in Texas (3).
I live in Mason’s Barrio…the “North Side”. I am surrounded by Hispanic People who, to the best of my knowledge, either do not vote, or vote Republican. Most of them are A-Political.
While I understand, to a point, the reasons for Texas Dems’ attachment to the closet, it is increasingly Unacceptable….especially on this particular Issue. There is no reason, save Neglect, for these Potential Voters to be successfully courted by TeaPublicans.
The Facts are on the Texdems’ side…as are the Moral Arguments.
The time for Politeness is done.
 The time for Cowardice is over.
For too long, Democrats, and other Non Rightwing Crazies in Texas, have conceded the field…tacitly agreeing to Ignore the Racial Issues that Hispanics confront every day…and that are part and parcel of the Texas Republicans’ Agenda and Rhetoric.
Texas’ Plantation Economics, it’s long(Documented, and Anecdotal) History of Voter Suppression, both Overt and Covert, and it’s utter dismissal of the democratic Process, have left entire Populations with little or no Voice.
Texas Dems have a Golden Opportunity, starting right Now, to begin to change this.

:” About 2.15 million voting-age Latinos in Texas who are U.S. citizens are not registered to cast a ballot, according to a report released by the Center for American Progress, a Washington-based policy research and educational institute. The left-leaning organization also posits that about 880,000 legal permanent residents will be eligible to vote in November if they receive their citizenship before the Nov. 6 general election. Eligible Texans have until Oct. 9 to register to vote. “   (1)
From the same article,” :” The center says the number of unregistered Latino voters exceeds the number of votes — 950,695 — by which 2008 Republican presidential nominee, U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., defeated then-Sen. Barack Obama in the Lone Star State.”(1)

Texas Republicans will likely court these potential Voters on so-called “Conservative Issues”…Abortion, mostly…but also with much pablum regarding Economic “Opportunity”, and  by appealing to Selfishness…ie. by attempting to convince them that the “Liberals” and “Socialists”(snort) want to take their money and give it to  “Lazy Black People”™….in other words, the same Wedges, the same Divisive Tactics that the National Republicans have been using to such great effect, these past 35 years.
Teapublicans will also likely try to Ignore their own rather unpleasant record, in regards to Hispanic Folks.

“:” In 2004, about half of Texas Latinos voted to re-elect George W. Bush. Four years later, the Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, captured only 35 percent of the Texas Latino vote. That doesn’t make sense to Robin Lennon, co-founder of the Kingwood Tea Party, located just north of Houston. She thinks Texas Latinos are natural conservatives.
“They’re such hard workers, they believe in working hard, and I can’t believe that if you understand the value of hard work and earning your money, wanting the government to take it away to give it to people that don’t work hard to get their money.””(2)
“:” Jones said Texas Latinos vote in far lower numbers than Latinos in states like California. He said this is due to a weaker Democratic party in Texas and the lack of a charismatic Latino leader in Houston and Dallas. And, in the past, Texas Republicans have played smart politics.”…” “What Republicans, particularly the more pragmatic ones, have tried to do is a dual strategy: Keep Hispanics from having an issue around which to mobilize, thereby keeping Hispanic turnout low and not doing anything that pushes Hispanics who normally would vote Republican to vote Democratic,” said Jones.””(2)
The only way that Teapublicans can win this ever more influential Demographic, is by, 1, the usual Lies and Mendacious Divide and Conquer Tactics they have perfected…and,2., by the Absence of Truth Telling Democrats, and other NonRight Wing Crazies, in their neighborhoods, at their Doors…actively Courting them.
We’ve heard, for many years, the phrase “Take Back Texas”…seen it on bumper stickers…heard it at the coffee shop. Never have I heard an explanation for just who they are trying to “take Texas Back” From…
I think we can make an educated Guess.
It’s high time to turn that table right around.
Texas Democrats have the opportunity to Take Texas Back, indeed.
Come out from your closet, get thee into the Barrio.

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