Saturday, October 13, 2012

Scratch that Itch

A local Republican wrote an article condemning Obamacare, several weeks ago(1).
I have been itching to respond, but there is no Forum to do so(5).
So, I made my own.
What a remarkable exposition of Logical Fallacy.
 The first indication that this is not a reasonable Critique, is the chosen Authorities, cited in the article.
First, “Conservapedia”…(2)….
This is Phyllis Shafley’s Son’s little endeavor. I linked to their “definition” of “Liberal”, because it’s the most egregious example of Conservapedia’s Irrational Partisanship and downright Insanity….
ie: Liberals are all in favor of Child Porn, and are just like John Wayne Gacy….etc etc.
Look into the “debate”, behind the scenes of the “definition” of “Liberal”(3)…10th Century Crusader-Style Argument.
Conservapedia’s other little Project, is rewriting the Bible, to remove the “Liberal Influence”!
For this bunch to be the first cited in this Republican article is indicative of the Bankruptcy of the Republican Position on most issues.
Logical Fallacy, especially Ad Hominem and “Appeal to Authority”, trotted out to Confuse, rather than Inform.
The second Authority cited, the AAPS(4), is not any better. This bunch was created in the 40’s to oppose Social Security…and has consistently opposed everything since, be it Medicare/Medicaid, or Vaccination(!!).
They sound authoritative, though. LOL.
Unsurprisingly, the next Source cited, is Dr. Sreedhar Potarazu….a regular contributor to Fox “news”.
I’ll just let that little factoid stand, all by itself.
The rest of the article consists of half truths and misdirection, and the usual mis-reading of the Facts…like the CBO report, and references to the Bill , itself…
I’m rather well versed in the contents of Obamacare…but it is rather long…the counterarguments to these citations are convoluted, themselves…filled with Nuance, and relatively few Bumperstickers.
The Phrase that comes to mind, as a Bumpersticker Counterargument to this article, is that it is, Patently, “Full of Shit”.
With careful study, it is revealed that  most Republican pronouncements are.
This Quality will be what I ramble on about next.

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