Monday, October 22, 2012


someone spraypainted something (I hear it was “fuck all Christians”) on the front door to the Catholic Church, here in Mason.
While there is a long history in this country of antiCatholicism…
and while there’s a long, if largely subterranean, “tradition” of sorts, of such Hateful Vandalism in Mason, itself(remember the schoolbus incident, a few years ago)…
I can’t think of where this, particular, attack comes from.
Is it Racial?
Is it a Religious Thing?
Who knows?
 What is definitely is, is Wrong.
And Cowardly.
If one has a problem with a Church…or with some other group of folks, that’s fine and dandy…and is well within one’s Rights.
Even Racists have Rights, after all.
But, at least have the Balls to come out and say it, rather than sneaking around with spraypaint.
This is Klan “Debate Tactics”…and implies that the Sprayer is too Chickenshit to own up to their own Opinion.
For the rest of us, this incident should be a reminder, that pretending that our little town is all goodness and light, the quaint caricature promoted incessantly by the paper and the Chamber…that pretending that this is the whole story is Harmful…and allows the many Dysfunctions and Grievances to fester in the Dark.

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