Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So Predictable.
Couldn’t be due to the Subtropics shifting Northward….due, inexorably, to Human’s penchant for injecting several million years worth of Prehistoric Carbon into the Atmosphere, in a century and a half…
That’s just Crazy!
Nah. It’s God…pissed off about Gays.
or about Liberals…
or Women working, voting, and having some say in what happens with their bodies…
Soon, if it hasn’t already occurred, Pat Robertson will come on TV, and say that he has spoken with God…
and that God said it’s not the Liberal Fascist Queer Herring of Global Warming…it’s God’s Righteous Punishment for Real Americans allowing Liberals and Queers(and, on and on…) to exist.
And No One will be able to say anything about it, for Fear of Upsetting “Christians”.
Well, dear friends…pull in yer Toes.
Here’s a rundown of the folks that are in charge of Science Policy in the US House:

It’s not just Science…it’s History.

The most recent version of the texGOP’s Platform, an overview:

But if we, in the Reality Based Community say anything to question….let alone Oppose…these nutjobs, and their Agenda…well, that means we Hate Christians, and have the Lions all lined up!
I’ve had enough.
We all hafta tip-toe on Eggshells so we don’t hurt the feelings of Bronze Age Zealots…they might be offended, if we counter their Crazy with Science, and Actual, Verifiable History.
I have been continually Offended for as long as I can remember.
I am offended every time a Pat Robertson, or a Bryan Fischer, opens their mouth, and lets fly the Hate and Fear.
I’m offended when various and sundry Nutjobs, from Congress, on down, imply, and insist, that Rape can’t get a woman Pregnant.
I’m offended when the Rights of Gays, Women, and so many others are Neglected and Abrogated, in order to please the most Hateful among us.
I am offended that My First Amendment Rights, as well as My Right to Live in a country  whose Governance is based, at least in part, on Reason, and Objective Fact, has been routinely Harmed by an intense and singular focus on the Rights of Zealots.
The necessary caveat, as usual, is that all of these folks have a Right to believe whatever they choose. But I have that Right, as well. The Country, or the World, does NOT Belong exclusively to them! Their Rights do NOT extend to Imposing their Beliefs on all of us.

(To be consistent… let’s put these folks in charge, exclusively, and without oversight or the right to appeal…put these folks in charge of Geography: *)

It is time, well past time, for NonCrazy Folks….including NonCrazy Christians, and others of  Faith…to stand up to the Intimidation and Bullying.
These folks, the antiscience, anti history,”Christian Nation”, “when the last tree falls, Jesus will come”-folks…have had the country by the throat for far too long.

*(“Q: "If you go directly south won't you eventually fall off the edge of the Earth?"
A: Yes, you will. In order to use this fact as proof you need to record a video of someone flying directly south around the world without falling off the edge. Furthermore you need to prove that your navigational equipment allows you to travel directly south without deviating. “
From their Faq.)

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