Sunday, October 21, 2012

coffee and cigarettes

a few things:

takeaway: it's not just that the Idea of Government as Referee is dead and's that We think about all this Mess in a Narrative that not only Benefits the Violent Parasitical Elite, but prevents the Rest of Us from even beginning to respond Rationally.

To wit, it's easy to find  evidence of what I have termed the "Mindfuck"....the engineered Ontological Crisis...wherein We Believe, implicitly, that the Sky is Green, no matter Our Lyin' Eyes...and Blame only Ourselves for Our lack of Social Mobility(look behind the Cheerleading), and for the Effects of the truly enormous Redistribution of Wealth Upwards, in the last 35 years of Neoliberalism.(avg. Wages, relative to Inflation) 

There was a Far Side cartoon, 20 years ago (I've looked for it, but it must be behind a paywall), that had Cows, grazing in the field...and one Cow has suddenly realised..."Hey! Wait a Minute! This is Grass!!! We've been eating Grass!!!!".
At some point, some unknown critical mass of Folks will have an analogous moment.
Whom will they Blame?
For all the Fear and Hatred of Brown People,including Middle Easterners and those from Latin America, for all of the Rhetoric implicating the Government as Enemy, for all of the Eliminationism towards anything that sounds "Liberal", however weak....for all of this, when one's table is bare, someone must be blamed.
I see little evidence of the "Rational Actor", in our economic and political life.

For anyone who hasn't read me, a key feature of the Model I use for the Shape of the World, is the idea of "Peak Oil"...expanded to "Peak Everything"(from water to topsoil to copper to climate stability to conventional wisdom regarding Economics)


     and, for the adventurous(got scotch?):

The Panopticon is being constructed, and we're paying for it...(
To what end?
Corporate Feudalism

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